The Secret Formula

The Secret Formula is the following steps:

  1. Neutralize negative emotions.
  2. Realize what it is you don’t want.
  3. Decide what it is you do want.
  4. Raise your vibration to a level matching the having of what you want.
  5. Ask the universe to bring you what you want.
  6. Notice what’s different and how things start to shift based on what you have asked for.

When you apply these 6 steps to certain situations, your negative emotions, your limiting beliefs and other subconscious blocks (which the included exercises will help you discover), and all the things you wish for, you transform your world.

It is one formula you can use to transform everything!  Some things may need to be broken down into smaller things.  For example, long term goals may require many steps toward the ultimate goal.  Each step can be put through this process to ensure the best outcome.  When you find one thing to work on each day, you start to expand in a way that opens you up to a universe of limitless possibilities!

These steps are explained further under program instructions.

When you can’t get past the negative emotions created by the situation, or get yourself to the vibration of having what you want, I can help.  In a situation session, I will work with you to clairvoyantly look for things such as the cause of a problem, and where the problem is located if applicable. I will then use healing energy to transform any detrimental patterns and check with source energy to see if it has any further guidance. We will do a visualization exercise and again, I will clairvoyantly look to see if I see any blocks to that creation.  Because I am not in the middle of the negative emotions you are experiencing, it is easier for me to access those answers for you.
After the energy work, I will provide you with an affirmation and/or EFT statement that will help install and activate the healing.  2 Situation Sessions are included in a Coaching Subscription, but can also be purchased on an as-needed basis.

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