The “Daily Page” Form

By completing the DailyPage form daily, [ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]submitting it to me, and by having my feedback and the extra help you need from the universe,[/ms-protect-content] you will learn to make a habit of creating your life exactly the way you want it to be.

Completing this form on a daily basis prepares you for and teaches you how to manifest things on a larger scale. If you follow this routine daily, you will soon see exactly how you manifest the things in your life.

This process of completing the form and noticing what’s different will help you become much more conscious of how you create everything in your life and how to manifest exactly what you want. Coaching is useful as I can intuitively help you find and shift the patterns that are hidden deeply in your subconscious mind and holding you back from all that you are and that you wish to become.

The DailyPage form has many uses. You can use it to manifest something in the very near future such as a dinner date. You can use it to transform annoying situations, possibly in a relationship or at work, or you can use it to progress toward a larger goal by taking a step-by-step approach to clearing negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and anything else that blocks you from what you desire. The exercises in this program will help you discover what those things are.

I recommend printing your form [ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]after you submit it[/ms-protect-content] and keeping it in a 3-ring binder so you can look back and see the progress you’ve made. In fact, step 6 on the form is a very important step in the process, and actually contributes to further success when you NOTICE the changes that are taking place in your life. Therefore, you will want a record of what you’re doing in this program, so you can look back and appreciate the positive shifts you’ll be making. Alternatively, you can print consciousness101.pdf, which you will find under Downloads. I personally print and spiral bind the pages. On the left side of the notebook, I write down my to do list which is always very full of ideas because of this process! On the right side, I pick one thing each day to transform in my life. Imagine how great things can be when you are expanding at such a rapid pace!

Completing “DailyPage” form

Name & Date

Self explanatory. Enter your name and date at the top of the form. Obviously, putting your name on your form is only necessary if you’re submitting the form to me for guidance, direction and healing. Otherwise, you will have a notebook that is your private journal of steps toward being who you truly are and/or who you wish to become.

Define Situation

Pick one thing to work on for each form. Initially, choose something that will allow you to see results quickly. I recommend completing a DailyPage form for each separate thing that bothers you on a daily basis… at least one thing. You will learn a lot by taking small annoyances and transforming them.

You probably won’t be able to manifest a big thing like winning the lottery right away. Initially, you’ll be learning how to believe in your dreams and goals. When you start to manifest small things that are easier to believe, you learn that it is the believing (and even better, the knowing) that you already have it, that creates the physical manifestation.

To reach your goals and manifest your desires, you will need to feel POSITIVE most of the time, BELIEVE that you will have what you want AND truly want it. Among other things, the form will help you achieve these aspects of the manifestation process.

So, decide on the situation you want to work on and enter it in the space provided. For best results, even before completing the rest of the form, I recommend you assess the situation as outlined in exercise 11.

1. List and Neutralize Negative Emotions

Start by writing down what you’re feeling and can label in the moment. You may come up with more as you continue with the other questions, and that’s fine.

Note: If you can’t put a label on the emotion you’re feeling, click on the word “negative emotions” on the pdf form. This link will take you to a list of possible emotions. Being able to label it, will help you clear it.

Use EFT or any method you’re comfortable with to clear the emotion. [ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]If EFT has been successful for you and you are feeling neutral and have cleared that emotion, check the box next to the emotion. If I do not see a check mark, I will formulate EFT setup statements infused with healing energy and email them to you so that you may simply need to read them to experience a cognitive shift that moves you toward healing.[/ms-protect-content]

Sometimes simply asking “If I were to be okay with this situation, realizing that things will get better, what would that feel like?” Then notice if you feel the change in your physical body.

I will talk more about asking questions when we get to #5, although questions can ALWAYS be posed to your higher self, to the universe, to your angels or to whatever you believe in, to help you shift to a better perspective. I may use questions in each step of The Secret Formula that give me the answers that help me shift.

In this step, the first thing I ask myself is “If there were one or two words that describe this place that I’m at, what would that be?”

Once you have determined the one word, then ask yourself “If I knew what emotions in me have created this place of _____, what would they be?”

Write those emotions down and then start tapping!

Your negative emotions are most often a product of your judgements, opinions and/or beliefs. To really get to the core of the negative emotion, determine what the beliefs are that leave you stuck in that negative emotion and change them in a way that makes you feel good. Exercise 11 will help you discover the judgments, opinions and beliefs that are blocking you from your desire.

HAMR is a useful tool for reversing limiting beliefs and you will find a HAMR worksheet and instructions included in your package. There will be lots of tools introduced here. You may not use all of them, and that’s okay. Use what works for you. You may already have your own tools for neutralizing negative emotions and that’s fine too.

Note: If you are overwhelmed with negative emotions, just pick ONE THING that’s bothering you today, or like I mentioned above, use one word to describe the place that you’re at and tap on that. A lot of the negative emotions may dissipate by doing the other steps and doing this process every day. Don’t rush yourself! This process should be fun and enlightening!

Sometimes, it’s hard to put your finger on what it is you’re feeling bad about. In these cases, skip to the next section and start by determining what it is you don’t want.

2. DON’T Want

Your negative emotions are ONLY there as an indicator of what you don’t want. When you know what you DON’T want, you can decide on what you DO want. And when you know what you do want, you can focus on that and create it. So, don’t give any energy to the “don’t wants”. Simply write them down for the purposes of journaling your progress and move on.

3. DO Want

Decide what you DO want. Write down all the things you think you need in order to feel the way you want to feel. It may be a specific material thing or situation or person, but ultimately I want you to focus and ask for the essence of what you want (see #5).

You may indicate your long term goal, but what I want you to work on is your immediate goals that take you one step closer to your long term goals. (See the included example Daily Page forms.)

Again, you may enter a long term goal, but the focus of change will be on what you would like to see shift right now that takes you one step closer to that long term goal. This will help you see things happen more quickly, giving you confidence in the process in addition to making it fun!

In addition, you will want to neutralize as much of the negative emotion around the situation as possible, as the negative emotion will make it difficult to clearly see what you want. The “what you want” may end up being much more extreme than it really needs to be, so focus on how you want to feel about the situation, which should simply be neutral and accepting.

4. Raise your Vibration

Again, I would start this step with a question posed to your higher self: “What is the feeling I’m looking for here?”, “What would it feel like to have this thing?”, “If I could perceive this situation as beneficial, what would that be like?” or “What feeling would I have to have in order to attract or manifest _____”, “If I felt IN COMMAND of the universe, what would that feel like?”

You might even break this section into two parts.

First, spend a minute or two thinking about a time in the past where you had something similar to what you want now. Think about a time when you felt the way you want to feel now. Think about a time when you felt the type of strength required to have what you want.

If you can’t think of a time when you felt the way you want to feel, just think of something that makes you feel great and write that down. If you start feeling down in the course of the day, come back and look at what you wrote that makes you feel great and get back UP! This is referred to as a flip-switch topic for the day and comes from the book “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn.

Next, think about the future and having the thing that you want and spend a minute or two doing that. Or, if you’re experiencing problems or challenges, just imagine being past the issue and at a place where everything is now just fine. When you think about having what you want, and you find your thoughts wandering, or “yes, buts” coming up from your subconscious, write down each of these thoughts because they are your specific Limiting Beliefs.

Each Limiting Belief should be dealt with and transformed using either the HAMR technique, questions you ask yourself such as “If I were to believe ______, what would that feel like?” or any other modality that works for you. You’ll get lots of ideas, tips and tools in this program to help you discover and transform your limiting beliefs. When I want to create a new belief or makeup a new rule, I complete the HAMR worksheet. I go through the process and then look at that worksheet daily to see if the belief has transformed. If it hasn’t, I keep doing the 20-second technique on a daily basis until it does transform, and then I file the worksheet away.

Questions posed to your higher self are the fastest and most effective way to change your energetic state (your vibrational frequency) into one that will attract to you what you want. It takes about 2 seconds to ask the question “If I were to feel like I already have all that I wish for, what would that be like”? This question should be modified based on what it is you are trying to achieve. Ask the question, and then wait… and notice how things change in your body. Feel it for as long as you can.

In order to experience the physical manifestation of what you want, it is important to be a vibrational match for it. You must feel the feeling of having it before you physically have it. A neutral vibration is also a good place to be. This would be a state in which you simply aren’t overly attached to having this particular thing, and yet you know that you will have it.

Once you are feeling like you already have it, step 5 is to go ahead and ask for physical manifestation of it in the highest and best way.

5. Ask the Universe

Write down open ended questions that will prompt the universe to “show” you the answer.

The better you can get at this step, the better you will be at manifesting and this is where you’ll see a lot of feedback from me on the questions you ask if you have purchased the coaching package. I will teach you to ask questions that trigger action from the universe.

If you want to feel better about a situation, ask something like “If I were to feel better about this situation, what would that be like?” I would prefer to see you handle this in step 1, but if that hasn’t happened, then ask the question here.

If you want to be promoted at work, you might ask something like “If I were to experience growth in my career, both financially and mentally, how would that happen?”

Asking something like “If I knew how to create an income that matches the lifestyle I want, how would that happen?” is better than “Will I get a raise at my job“.

You will soon develop a knack for asking questions that bring about the right answers! The possibilities are endless.

The more questions you ask, the more the universe starts answering and talking back. This is one area where you’ll really start to feel enlightened and spiritually aware as you encounter synchronicities and magical answers to your questions. As you “notice” (step 6), you will learn how the universe (spirits, angels, etc. if you believe in that stuff and if you don’t, you may just change your mind down the road) prefers to communicate with you. At this point, you may ask more direct questions. Am I on the right path? Is this person a match for me? I’ve been answered by way of repeating numbers (I highly recommend the book Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue) and with some off-the-wall song that keeps playing in my head over and over again, for example, when with the person I was asking about.

When you notice these synchronicities, it can really give you the faith you need that there is “something” looking out for you, listening to you and guiding you.

When asking for what you want, I recommend asking for the essence of what you want. Be sure to give the universe some “wiggle room” in creating what you want. If you want results and you want them fast, be prepared for some major shifts in the universe that may be uncomfortable! “Wiggle room” means not being too rigid in what you want. Think about the reason you want what you want and gear your question toward the ultimate goal. What you think needs to happen in order to bring you what you want, may not actually be! The universe may have something far better in mind for you, so give it the opportunity to bring it to you.

Once you have formulated your questions on paper, and asked for them out loud[ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”] and submitted the form[/ms-protect-content], LET GO. You have just given the “problem-situation-desire” to the universe. It knows best how to give you what you ask for, so let it go.

If you don’t let go, the universe cannot do its work. If you hold on, trying to figure it out yourself, you may get in the way of your divine destiny. If you find yourself continually doing a form for the SAME THING, you have not let it go and you probably have to work on your trust (or patience) issues.

Once you have let it go, you should not be thinking about HOW to make it happen. The universe is taking care of the details and will GUIDE YOU. The only thing left for you to do is to NOTICE and take action on what you’re guided to do. You will know you’re guided because the idea you have, or what someone suggested or what you magically read about will FEEL GOOD.

Never act out of desperation such as spending a lot of money on some get-rich-quick scheme!

Here are some examples of how to ask specific questions for specific “problems”. These particular issues have come up in working with clients and will give you an idea as to how to ask questions that allow the universe to shift situations for you in just the right way:

Thinning hair: If my hair were be healed, strengthened, softened and resistant to the effects of the elements and of harsh chemicals such as hair dies, how would that happen? This question can be asked when we know the cause of the problem, such as the sun and harsh chemicals on the hair. In my sessions, I have clearly seen this as being a cause to thinning hair, but I have also seen very abstract images that mean nothing to me or my client. For example: in one session, I saw smoke blowing into a hole and what looked like a trap door opening and closing. Fortunately, in a healing session, we don’t have to know what this image is supposed to represent. I can send healing to this pattern and “let go”, knowing something will shift. All you have to do is then notice how this transformation comes about!

Gray hair: Based on an image I saw as a reason for gray hair… If the cells that create the color of my hair were to be healed, hydrated and transformed so as to bring back the color and youthful appearance of my hair, how would that happen?

Cellulite: If I were to take in only as much salt as my body needs, how would that happen?

Acne: Also based on clairvoyant images I have seen as the cause of acne… If I knew exactly how to handle the men that are far too eager to be with me, what would that be like? Note that anger has showed up as being an underlying factor contributing to an acne problem. Anger is a deep pattern that may require deeper healing. A distance healing session would be ideal in this situation.

Thinning eye lashes: When clairvoyantly viewing the cause of thinning eye lashes in one client, I saw an image of her rubbing her eyes. This is something she did when she washed her face and washed her make-up off, and therefore, really could not be avoided. When I am doing energy work and asking for healing, my questions may not be any different than what you may ask. The only difference is, I may see the pattern that is the cause and therefore, ask a question that will heal the cause. In this case, the question would be “How can the lashes be strengthened in a way so as to stay held in the cells of the eye lid where they are rooted?” or “How can this pattern be healed in a way that the rubbing stimulates new growth and long length?”

The above examples illustrate the various things you can use this formula on! The possibilities are endless.

The more you do this, the better you get at asking the right questions. The difference between you and I is simply practice and experience. A healing session can be purchased for anything you might do a form on. The only difference is, I will look deep for the patterns that have created an undesirable situation and send healing to each pattern. If you are not seeing a shift by asking questions such as those described above, a distance healing session can help make that shift.


6. Notice what’s different

This is an important step. NOTICE how things are shifting around you. Do this step based on the questions you’ve asked on previous forms.

Noticing what is different moves your awareness into resonance with the change that is already happening. We have a tendency to continually notice what is not changing, which usually reinforces the idea that things are the same. If all we notice is that something is not changing, then that something is all we are capable of noticing and subsequently experiencing.” – Melissa Joy Jonsson, M-Joy Practically Speaking, Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential

Sometimes, in order to get what you want, the universe has to shift in a way that isn’t very comfortable. And if you are asking questions that don’t give the universe enough options (wiggle room) for creating what you want, that may be even more so. If it’s different, it’s a shift and you should write it down (without negative emotions or judging it). And if it isn’t a shift that feels good, instead of getting upset and having to go back to square one (or step 1 in this case), just realize that this is temporary and simply something that must occur to move you toward your goals. If you remain focused on WHAT YOU WANT and not on what you don’t want, that’s all that anything really is and should be simply noticed without judgment.

The universe likes recognition and gratitude for the way it is pulling things together for you. It’s a really good idea to notice the way the universe is shifting to create the life you want.

This step is used to write down what’s different, what’s your noticing and what you’re grateful for.

Remember to look back over the questions you’ve asked on previous days and make notes of how things have shifted to answer your questions. You won’t always see shifts the same day but if you remain in a state of observance, the act of noticing will give you something to notice!

Changing Limiting Beliefs – HAMR Worksheet

Limiting Beliefs and Conflicting Desires are silent, often unseen roadblocks which prevent us from accessing our power to create and manifest our dreams. By doing the exercises and completing the DailyPage form, you will uncover and become aware of these Limiting Beliefs and Conflicting Desires.

Enter any Limiting Beliefs you have discovered into the HAMR worksheet. [ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]You can do this for your own use, or use the form to submit to me to review your work.[/ms-protect-content] Invent a new, more empowering belief to replace the limiting belief you have, and write that in the HAMR form. Perform the HAMR technique to install the new empowering belief into your sub-conscious mind.

Performing the HAMR technique should take less than a minute (20 seconds) for each Limiting Belief. It is important to clear or reverse limiting beliefs to free yourself of the roadblocks which are stopping you in life. Unless those beliefs are neutralized and transformed, you will remain stuck. The HAMR technique is a useful tool for converting your beliefs, or making up new rules.

You might also try clearing or changing your limiting beliefs with a question you present to your higher self. “If I were to believe that I could make more money working less hours, what would that feel like?” If affirmations work for you, that is another tool for changing your limiting beliefs. I have created the HAMR worksheet to implement the original HAMR technique, affirmations and the concept of creating matching vibrations.

Your Extra Journaling Space

Use this space for any thoughts that are coming up as you go through this process, for the exercises that are available during the subscription period, or for expanding on the information on the form. You can journal either before or after the steps above.

Journaling first should help you discover Limiting Beliefs which you can clear in the HAMR worksheet.

Conflicting Desires are also important to discover. If you want more work to make more money, but you don’t want to work, well, that’s a conflict. Discovering these conflicts will help you refine your desires so they are not conflicting.

[ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]If you feel this is private and don’t want to share, then print the page, and write for yourself. However, an outside insight can help you discover where your limiting beliefs are and how what you’re asking for may be a contradiction, thus confusing the universe and causing you frustration.

As your coach, I’m here for you and everything you contribute is held in the strictest confidence.[/ms-protect-content]

I recommend doing reading one exercise a day, do the journaling based on that exercise and then a form to help you transform what you discovered in the exercise.


Health Problems

Major health problems can take time and patience to achieve. I highly recommend purchasing regular sessions or the coaching package so that you get the support you need. When we’re very stuck in pain and illness, you simply don’t have the energy in your body for our own healing, and this where the help of a coach and healer can be very beneficial. Symptoms, however, may be the topic of your DailyPage Form. For example: What would it be like if I had more energy, or what would it be like if my knee felt good and I could move freely?


Ultimately, what should happen or how do you want to feel about your situation? Ask the “big picture” questions that prompt the universe to answer this question for you in order to give it plenty of wiggle room in answering your questions/requests. Oftentimes we think we know what needs to happen in order for us to feel the way we want to feel, and yet, in the infinite wisdom of the universe, it may have something far better in mind. This particular piece of the formula is so important and worth the coaching package just to learn how to ask the right questions.

Use This For Good

Please do not make requests to the universe that hurt other people. When you do that, you ultimately hurt yourself. If you have been wronged by someone else and you feel bad about it, ask for your own healing.

Plan ahead

Your request will require some shifts in the universe. If you know you have a meeting on Thursday and you’d like it to go well, do a DailyPage form on Tuesday so that the universe has time to put things in place for you. [ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]I don’t recommend submitting a form asking about success in a meeting the same day. If your meeting is on Thursday, submit your form by Tuesday. You want to give the universe (and myself) the space and time (we call it wiggle room) to shift events for your benefit. [/ms-protect-content]


Be sure to NOTICE. Your first day you may not have anything to notice and that’s fine, but remember throughout your day to be watching and noticing and then noting that on the next daily page you submit. #6 may not be related to the question you’re asking that day.

Limitless Benefits

30 days of incredible shifts and transformation can be yours if you use this program as it is designed to be used.

By having a coach work with you through your process, you can take advantage of the support by checking in daily for guidance and the loving energy of your coach… ME.

But you must do your part. Check in with yourself daily and see what can be improved. To reach your goals, you will need to feel POSITIVE most of the time, BELIEVE that you will have what you want AND truly want it. Anything that gets in the way of those things is something that can be worked on. The exercises in this program will help you get there.

This package is designed to make creating your life a conscious habit for you. That is, creating your life the way you want it to be. I have seen that if you only do the steps outlined on your DailyPage form and do nothing else in the course, it can change your life. On the other hand, by doing the exercises, you’ll make even greater strides toward the real you. The you that is healthy, happy and prosperous!

[ms-protect-content id=”708″ silent=”yes”]As your coach, when you submit your form and exercises, I will review your form, and either coach you with effective EFT statements or offer insights as to how to access your power to change things. Note that when I provide you with EFT statements, I am putting healing energy into the statements and sending that healing to you. You may only have to read the statements to feel the shift.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS PROGRAM. I want to help you transform your life! I want to make it as easy as possible for you to become conscious and make changes in your life, but you must do your part!

Please make sure you understand your part in this program. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at[/ms-protect-content]

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    So for the past week ive been absolutely flat broke… there has been a major delay with my monthly welfare check and from the looks of it they won’t be issuing me my money for the next week so I did a daily page form on how broke I was feeling and how nice it would feel to have ” a few dollars to hold me over until I get my paycheck” – well this morning I woke up and I realized I had a diamond ring that was too small for me that I never wore. The value of the ring was significantly diminished because they was a huge chip in the diamond but I took it to the pawn shop all the ay across town… in my head I kept visualizing that they would give me at least $100 for it. When I got there I showed the ring to one of the pawn brokers and when I told him I was expecting a hundred he kind of shook his head and said ” it looks to be worth $65 but I’ll ask the manager for” when he took it to the manager, the manager inspected the diamond with his little Diamond eyeglass thing… and he promptly said, “100 is fine” – woo hoo! On top of that when I came home my mom gave me $35 , she had just came back from a yoga retreat and was totally calm and tranquil so the $35 was the cash left in her wallet and she was in such a good mood from her yoga retreat she just gave it to me.

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