The Bright Future Workbook & Bonuses – My original work.  Everything else is based on this what is in this workbook.

The Secret Formula WebApp – Access The Secret Formula directly from your phone or mobile device using this link, for instant access to the steps that lead to the transformation you’re looking for.

NEW! How To Transform Problems – Although written as a step-by-step guide to assist healing professionals in helping their clients transform problem situations into what they desire, this book will help you understand their own inner process, providing insight and power to heal and transform any situation.

Transformation Meditation – Are dealing with a problem of some sort?  Don’t have time to meditate?  If you can take a 20 minute break, you can experience the benefit of hours of meditation in this one short, guided meditation.  This meditation guides you through the steps of The Secret Formula in a way that will knock your socks off!  It has far more powerful than just journaling the steps or completing the DailyPage form.  Try it on ANYTHING.  You WILL experience a shift into something much better.  Do NOT drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this audio.

Chakra Clearing / God Within Meditation – Brand New!  A very powerful meditation that will bring you so close to spirit, you might not want to come back!  Experience chakra clearing like never before!  Realize your oneness to God and the power that comes with it!  This meditation is broken down into 2 files so that you can come out of the meditation when you choose.  The end of this meditation puts you in a space so powerful, you may want to stay awhile, although you will have an incredible experience in the short 15 minute guided recording.

Consciousness 101 in PDF format – Print out the program, and either spiral bind it or 3-hole punch it for a nice way to keep a journal using this process.

The DailyPage Form (aka  Manifestation Request Form) – The Secret Formula in a worksheet.

DailyPage – Example 1

DailyPage – Example 2

Extra Journaling Space

Manifestation Request Form in a Word Template

HAMR – Instructions and Worksheet – Great worksheet to transform limiting beliefs and create new rules.  It only takes 20 seconds to do the technique.  Keep the worksheet handy, do the technique everyday on each limiting belief until you’re sure you’ve transformed it.

Emotions List – This list of emotions will help you put a label on the what you’re feeling, therefore enabling you to tap on it.


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Extra Journaling Space in Submittable PDF format

DailyPage Form in Submittable PDF format

Link to online DailyPage Form



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