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Aligning the Ego with your Desire

Aligning the ego with your desire is an important part of the manifestation process. The ego and its ideas of how you’re supposed to be can be a real hindrance when it comes to manifesting what you want in life. …Continue reading →

EFT Template to Transform Beliefs

This caption on this image pretty much says it all.  This EFT template will help you formulate EFT statements that help you discover and transform the beliefs that limit you in your life. Even though I am experiencing/feeling ________________________, because …Continue reading →

The Magic Code of Manifestation

A very simple code that has the side effect of developing your psychic abilities The manifestation process works by sending a thought out into the universe.  The clearer you can make that thought, the better chance you have of manifesting …Continue reading →

LAUGH in the face of fear

I had a thought today about fear… a high vibrating emotion would cancel out fear, so why not just laugh at it? Take that fear… hahahahaha! I’ve been playing with this and realize it can be difficult and possibly even …Continue reading →

EFT for loss

This EFT setup / “angel request” is designed to help you clear feelings of loss: Even though I feel this loss, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though one door has closed, I realize the sooner I walk away …Continue reading →

Your physical issues may be trying to tell you something

Did you know that physical issues are often the result of emotional issues?  Similarly, they may be an indicator that you are blocked in some area of your life and a way that your body (and higher self) is trying …Continue reading →

Are you thinking hard about how to solve that problem?

Do you find yourself think, think, thinking and wracking your brain about just HOW you can bring a certain thing into your life or solve a particular problem? [level-guest]When you subscribe to member content on this site, you receive access …Continue reading →

Lots of ways to get to a “feel good” place

Manifesting all that you wish for STARTS from a place of feeling good.  Here’s a list of ways you can get to that “feel good” state:

When everything seems to be falling apart

Have you ever felt like everything is falling apart and you just can’t get yourself to a positive place? You might want to ask yourself if there is another way you can look at the situation. For me, it has …Continue reading →