January, 2013

Consciousness 101


What if you could magically transform your life by following 6 simple steps? This course teaches you how to transform your life by making a habit out of 6 simple steps. You will see your life start to improve immediately …Continue reading →

Monthly Coaching

A monthly coaching subscription includes the Consciousness 101 Online Course, yet has the added benefit of my assistance in helping you get through the challenges that are so hard to deal with on your own. When you’re in the middle …Continue reading →

Shifting Undesirable Situations

  Using the DailyPage form to journal your work using The Secret Formula is the best way I know of to improve your life every single day. As an avid user of the form and the formula I am constantly coming …Continue reading →


the tangled pattern of resistance

When you’re following the process outlined in the Consciousness 101 Course, you’ll soon see that you are divinely guided to live your soul’s purpose. You’ll also notice the indicators that what you’re asking for is being aligned for you. Sometimes, …Continue reading →

How to attract a love partner

Most of the work I do involves relationships.  Either finding a relationship or improving a relationship. Although I may receive information intuitively or clairvoyantly and that may seem kind of “out there”, I have combined these abilities with a very …Continue reading →

Rise Above It

There’s a good reason for this saying! When you are vibrating at the same low level your problem is vibrating at, you won’t be able to find the solution. When you raise your vibrations above this level… being grateful for …Continue reading →

LAUGH in the face of fear

I had a thought today about fear… a high vibrating emotion would cancel out fear, so why not just laugh at it? Take that fear… hahahahaha! I’ve been playing with this and realize it can be difficult and possibly even …Continue reading →

EFT for loss

This EFT setup / “angel request” is designed to help you clear feelings of loss: Even though I feel this loss, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though one door has closed, I realize the sooner I walk away …Continue reading →

Deepening your connections

When you love yourself enough to stop being so concerned about what others think of you and the need to prove yourself to them, your attention turns to others. And your genuine interest in others creates a deeper connection and …Continue reading →

Your physical issues may be trying to tell you something

Did you know that physical issues are often the result of emotional issues?  Similarly, they may be an indicator that you are blocked in some area of your life and a way that your body (and higher self) is trying …Continue reading →

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