Discomfort is an opportunity to step into your power

There is always, always, always something to learn in every challenging situation.  If you can look at it as though it is meant to show you something that will help you, instead of getting stuck in the negative emotions, you’ll …Continue reading →


You have reached the place to become a master at the law-of-attraction, expand your awareness, develop your consciousness and move closer to spiritual awakening. There will be lots of free content here, but you will get the most out of …Continue reading →

Finding answers in affliction descriptions

I had someone contact me recently, interested in my experience with the cause of Atrial Fibrillation (a-fib) and healing the emotional cause. I have a number of pages on my website that offer EFT statements for some of the afflictions …Continue reading →

EFT Tapping when someone upsets you

I admit it.  It is hard to resist being brought down by someone that hurts our ego.  And anytime someone says or does something negative to us, it is doing just that… it is hurting our ego. However, it is …Continue reading →

We’re all such big babies

  See if you can put yourself in the shoes of He/She/Source who grants your wishes. Or think about when your own children whine and cry for something. When they do this and you give them what they want, don’t …Continue reading →

Creating Harmony

Have you considered how you might create harmony in your home, with your co-workers or subordinates?. What if you treated people as if you were already receiving from them what you ask for? Do you think the energy in that …Continue reading →

Life is but a dream

Do you find yourself complaining about the way things are? If you could change them, what would you change them to? The thing is, you CAN change them!  And when you start to think about how you’d like to change …Continue reading →

Conquer the hidden demon that blocks abundance

A lot of us would like to believe that we deserve good things.  In fact, we may think we believe we deserve good things.  And we may even argue with others, trying to convince them of our deservingness!  Guess what, …Continue reading →

Got 5 minutes to create a better life?

With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day tasks, it can be hard to find the time to meditate and be in that quiet space that allows answers to flow through. Which is why I created The Secret Formula and The …Continue reading →

EFT for Sugar Cravings

Often, in my personal sessions with clients, I will find answers for them that will help others as well. In my work with one client, we were able to determine an emotional cause to her sugar craving and therefore, come …Continue reading →

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